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The sun is obviously causing some kind of magnetic force, such that all the planets of the solar system are being pulled inwards towards it. At the same time, there is also a large force repelling them. This results in the gradual and spiral motion of them all moving closer towards the sun over many, many years.
Now, if we imagine the pull of each of these planets towards the sun, we can see an imaginary ‘spoke’ from the sun to each. Each of these spokes would create a tension of some sort or a pathway of intense energy or intensified magnetic field. As the earth moves through one of the spokes of one of the outer planets, it traverses this pathway and becomes a subject of this force. This is during the retrograde motion.
One would have to wonder about relativity in this instance and if the same pulls and forces would be apparent in a small, well scaled model of the solar system, complete with rotational spins, tilts and orbit speeds.